Leaving and finding homes – on migration in Sub-Saharan Africa

Thursday, 16 November 2017, 7-10 p.m.

Refugio, Lenaustraße 3-4, 12047 Berlin

What are the main drivers of migration? How well prepared and well informed are migrants? How do they become members of the communities in which they settle? When it comes to African migration, it is often forgotten that the vast majority of sub-Saharan African migrants move within the continent. In this process of movement and settlement, migration brings change to both origin and destination societies. It is part of an intrinsic process of social transformation in a globalized world.

Talk with:
Oliver Bakewell, Senior Researcher and Associate Professor, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford
Guy Berger, Director, Division Freedom of Expression and Media Development, UNESCO
Sagal Farah, Somali-born Poet, Librarian and DJ

Olumide Abimbola, Research Economic Anthropologist, Head of Research and Development at OpenOil
The talk will be followed by drinks, Sudanese snacks and Somali tunes played by Sagal Farah.