FORUM: Staging a Change

November 25–26, 2017
Teheran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA)

The forum „Staging a Change,“ is the first one of two public forums in Tehran and Berlin, focusing on the transformation of the capital cities of Iran and Germany by addressing questions about urban design, participation and art in the public space of both cities. As the two-day-long forum brings together Iranian and German architects, artists, sociologists and urbanists, the audience will be introduced to the latest developments in day-to-day discourses and solutions in debates on urban development as well as taking part in an open intercultural dialogue.

Both in Tehran and Berlin, gentrification, increasing privatisation and the reclaiming of public space are being examined and negotiated in various forms by institutions, universities and self-organized groups. „Staging a Change“ serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, analysis and experience.

In both cities, art has played an important role over time, both as epitome of the government plans for urban design and regeneration, and as critical tool, resisting such transformations through aesthetics interventions. This double role of art in the transformation of the urban landscape is to be examined and discussed in hindsight to the economic, socio-political and aesthetic context of the two cities, proposing possibilities for a collective understanding of a global condition that affects our rights over the living space.

Curated by:
Solmaz Shahbazi in collaboration with Azar Mahmoudian

With contributions by:
Nazgol Ansarinia (artist), Elke Aus dem Moore (head of Visual Arts Department, ifa), Dr. Masserat Amir Ebrahimi (sociologist and geographer), Farhad Fozouni (designer and educator), Anna Heilgemeir (architect and urban planner), Homayoun Askari Sirizi (architect, artist and critic), Dr. Anne Huffschmid (cultural scientist, curator and author), Sohrab Mahdavi (writer), Kaveh Rashidzadeh (architect), Prof. Jörg Stollmann (professor for Urban Design and Urbanization), Florian Wüst (independent film curator, artist and publisher), and others

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